Mission Statement

pcCashdrawer is a leading provider of retail POS hardware, hardware services and hardware maintenance to the industry with the latest technology, smallest footprint and lowest cost.

pcCashdrawer started life in 1984 as a personal computer builder

With the introduction of the CompuRegister in the late 80’s at the National Retail Federation annual show in New York City, pcCashdrawer then known as AVE Investments, Inc. gained national recognition with the introduction of the world’s first computerized, modular Point of Sale register.

Shortly thereafter Ted Ave-Lallemant, the president of pcCashdrawer was awarded the patent for the original computerized register. Since then Ted has been the driving force behind all the products offered by AVE Investments. Ted brings over a quarter century of experience plus knowledge of the needs of retail chains. This knowledge covers not only a wealth of information when it comes to POS technology but also practical expertise gained through the rollout of over 60 national chains supplying IBM and AVE products. He is quite literally, the father of the industry.

The first product in his current product line of POS solutions was the pcCashdrawer, created in 2005. For years Ted had wanted to combine the computer with the cash drawer but could not until technology had advanced sufficiently to create the new fanless, micro-sized pc’s. The pcCashdrawer Point of Sale solution simply and beautifully eliminates the need for a computer sitting below or on the counter with ugly cables visible to all and yet does so at a reasonable cost to the retailer.

Mission Statement

Every time a new product is added to pcCashdrawer’s line it must pass the test of AVE’s mission statement.

It must represent the first of its kind, exhibit the smallest footprint possible and be the least expensive example of its type. It must use the latest technology while at the same time permit pcCashdrawer to support it with the best service in the industry.

pcCashdrawer has never changed this mantra since its inception in 1984.