Unique Rollout Services

It includes a fleet of custom motor coaches and our own professional employees.

White Glove Installation

Located in the center of the United States, pcCashdrawer is ideally situated for efficient deployment of its certified technicians to perform your company’s POS rollout. This central location means quick response times and minimal time zone issues when traveling to your individual stores. Our techs can be on site, if needed, virtually anywhere in the US within two days.

Unlike most services companies that charge by the hour and hire subcontractors to perform the services, pcCashdrawer offers a menu of services based on units of work such as per store, per system or per device. The retailer chooses which services are right for them from the menu then multiplies their choices by the number of units relevant to their exact store/register count. All services are priced using this flat-rate system. Retailers know up front what their roll-out is going to cost; unexpected expenses are all but eliminated.

In addition to “a la carte” services, the use of motor coaches to perform pcCashdrawer’s White Glove installations greatly improves the quality of the installation and lowers the retailer’s overall costs. Instead of 100 different installation technicians installing 1 store each, a pcCashdrawer employee drives his motor coach to 100 different stores and installs all 100 stores.

The motor coach eliminates freight charges and shipping damage by carrying the retailer’s store systems’ hardware on board insuring safe and on-time delivery of the equipment every time. The coach also eliminates transportation and housing expenses for the technician as it provides him with living quarters, transportation and an inventory of spare parts and cables at the same time.

Since all systems are assembled and tested prior to being loaded onto the coach they arrive on site ready to be hand carried into the store and installed; reducing the time required at each site.

The use of these coaches minimizes costs while, at the same time, improves the quality of the installations and communication between installers and the home office. pcCashdrawer has used this coach methodology successfully for over 31 years in over 100 national chains throughout the US.

The installer arrives on schedule and site preparation is completed. Cables are run, the equipment set up and the installation script is performed. The site is cleaned up and management signs off.   Training can be part of the installation process.